Save Money by Storing Thermal Paper

Everyone is looking for ways to lower costs and increase their profit margins. When it comes to buying thermal paper rolls, one way to do this is by buying a bulk supply and storing the surplus until it’s needed.

If you plan to store your thermal paper, here’s what you need to know:

Store in the right conditions

Most consumables, including thermal paper, need to be kept under certain conditions in order to elongate their shelf life. For thermal paper rolls, the elements one needs to worry about are light, heat, and moisture. Proper conditions include a dark storage room with moderate temperature, and a humidity range between 45% and 65%.

Maintain integrity of images

Co-reactant technology is usually used in the manufacturing of thermal paper. When dye is added to form a certain image during the procedure, the product becomes susceptible to ultra violet (UV) rays. In this regard, keep thermal paper away from extended exposure to office light. More importantly, limit the paper’s exposure to the sun.

Extend the image shelf life

You can expect the image on thermal paper to maintain its integrity for up to ten years. This time frame assumes that you store the documents under the best conditions and with compatible materials. A properly stored thermal paper roll could extend the product’s shelf life by several years.

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