When does it Stop is the Million Dollar Question!  No one I have contact with has been 100% happy with the daily increased pricing we have all seen in the past months.  This goes for those of us in the paper industry and those in non-related industries.  One thing…






May 13, 2022 Re: Price Increase Notice Dear Valued Customer, Appvion is implementing a price increase of up to 10% for direct thermal paper and other coated products globally. This increase is directly related to the continued escalation of all key input costs, including but not limited to raw…


April 28th, 2022 Dear Valued Customer, Please accept our gratitude for your ongoing business, patience, and understanding as all input cost continue to rise. Kanzaki continues to receive price increases and surcharges on all raw materials, logistics and other operational input costs. Kanzaki Specialty Papers must announce a price…


Domtar announced a 10% increase on Thermal Paper in the US and Canada, on shipments after June 1, 2022 from the mills


If I had a Million Dollars, Well I’d buy you a house. If I had a Million Dollars, I’d buy you a fur coat. These are just a few classic lines from the hit song “If I Had a Million Dollars” that has been remade by several bands over…


Last week, we received several notices from offshore paper mills that they were adding additional “fees” to help offset rising energy costs. The European suppliers we have contact with have started adding a $330 per Ton charge to each load of paper. This means the impact on each paper…