I know the national news is beating the supply chain issues for computer chips and food shortages to death, but I’m yet to see a news outlet talk about supply issues affecting thermal papers.  I hope that this article helps put into perspective what we, paper people, are potentially…


Hansol Paper announces price increases of up to 15% for P&W, Thermal paper and all kind of Label paper, effective immediately SEOUL, Oct. 6, 2021 (Press Release) – Hansol Paper of South Korea has announced that export prices of printing and writing paper, thermal paper and all kind of…


ENERGY SURCHARGE Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe (MPE) Natural gas prices in Europe have risen almost 400% since the beginning of year. A cold European winter and spring left supplies depleted and a surge in demand as economies reopened from lockdown fueled the problem. With colder weather approaching and supply and demand…


The above chart is a preliminary statement and is not a final ruling by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding foreign paper mills “dumping” or selling below market prices into the US. Currently, Nippon and Torraspapel have decided to no longer serve the US Markets. This has added additional…


As announced in a press release on September 20, 2021, Koehler is imposing a Freight Surcharge on all imported paper to the US. They are also using force majeure effective immediately. They hope this is a temporary measure, but it does affect all Koehler Paper Divisions.