ENERGY SURCHARGE Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe (MPE) Natural gas prices in Europe have risen almost 400% since the beginning of year. A cold European winter and spring left supplies depleted and a surge in demand as economies reopened from lockdown fueled the problem. With colder weather approaching and supply and demand issues mounting, countries are now in bidding wars for natural gas supplies. The situation is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.     Unprecedented price increases over a sustained period require us to include an energy surcharge on all papers manufactured at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe (MPE). Surcharge details are as follows:   Surcharge Details (Applies to all Basis weights and widths)  Product Category: Inkjet Papers – Thermoscript, JetscriptSurcharge: $70/per metric ton Effective Date: Orders shipping on or after October 6, 2021. Orders currently in inventory or on water will not be affected.   We appreciate your commitment to Mitsubishi products, and we will continue to keep you informed of the situation.    

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