Buying Weather Resistant Parking Ticket Paper

Make Sure Your Parking Ticket Paper Can Withstand the Elements

Weather resistance is one of the most crucial parts of choosing parking ticket paper. Without the proper level of resistance against the elements, parking tickets can easily get destroyed. Not only is this frustrating for the person who receives the ticket, since he or she can’t read what it says, but it is also costly to you as the purchaser. That’s why it’s vital that purchasers of parking ticket paper research what type of paper is best for their needs.

Here are some general guidelines to follow:


The first thing you should look for in parking ticket paper is durability. How weather resistant is it? Can the paper you’re considering withstand rain, snow, storms, and heat? If not, move on to the next option. Choosing the right paper from the beginning means you’ll have fewer complaints and mishaps. Fewer unhappy drivers angrily shouting at you for not being able to read their tickets and claiming they should not have to pay the fine.


The next thing to consider when researching parking ticket paper is how it absorbs ink. Be sure to find a supplier who can match your printer specs with thermal paper that will deliver a legible and lasting ink display. This is especially important for parking tickets, as smearing or fading can result in the recipient being unable to read the instructions.


The process of adding a thermal coating to ticket paper makes the product resistant to all weather conditions while still allowing the paper to be used in your average printer. Paper that is thermal coated can be purchased in various sizes and is used for several purposes. If you’re considering investing in new or additional parking ticket paper, thermal coated paper is the best option for you.

At Telemark Diversified Graphics, we know the parking paper industry inside-and-out. Our expert product service professionals know exactly what kind of paper will work best with your machines and the weather conditions of your location. Contact us to discuss your parking ticket paper needs, or to receive a free quote.