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10 May 2021
Hansol announces 12% price increase on thermal paper in USA, Canada effective May 7 as new import duties are imposed TORONTO, ON, May 7, 2021 (Fastmarkets RISI) – Hansol on May 7 announced a 12% price increase on all their thermal paper products in the USA and Canada, including light and heavy weights, top and
6 May 2021
DOC has made a preliminary determination of the antidumping duty margins in the four thermal paper investigations.  The preliminary rates are as follows: Korea: Hansol: 6.19 percent All other exporters:  6.19 percent Germany: Koehler: 2.78 percent All other exporters:  2.78 percent Japan: NPI: 35.71 percent All other exporters:  35.71 Spain: Torraspapel: 41.45 percent All others
19 Apr 2021
As we all know 2020 was a tough year to be in business.  It seems like 2021 is shaping up to provide another set of challenges.  These challenges do not just revolve around double digit increases in materials, but even worse, very long extended deliveries, if any delivery at all.  Yes, you heard it correctly,
10 Mar 2021
  Koehler Paper to increase thermal paper prices up to 10% for new orders in Latin America, effective immediately OBERKIRCH, Germany, March 8, 2021 (Press Release) – Koehler Paper Group, leading manufacturer of thermal paper, is increasing prices in Latin America for thermal paper by up to 10% for all new orders, effective immediately. This
3 Mar 2021
March 1, 2021 Appvion announced a price increase ranging from 4%-10%, effective on shipments on May 3, 2021. Non-Top Coated Products are increasing 10%, Top-Coated Products are increasing 7%, and Film Products are Increasing 4%. If you would like a copy of the actual announcement, please contact Brandon Kent, bkent@telemarkcorp.com.
28 Jan 2021
We are writing to inform you that Appvion is increasing prices up to 7% for all direct thermal paper, film, and other coated products globally. It is effective on all shipments beginning February 28, 2022. Overall, our industry and business continue to endure unprecedented volatility in its supply and escalating costs. We are closely monitoring
20 Jan 2021
Domtar is announcing a 12% increase effective March 1, 2021 on Thermal Paper. Price Increase letter is attached.
20 Jan 2021
The attached Letter is from Hansol America, announcing an 8% increase on March 1st for Thermal Paper
12 Jan 2021
RISI Fastmarkets posted that Koehler Paper is to increase paper pricing by 12%, effective immediately. This is on the heals of other increase announcements as well as the announced increase roll backs by other mills. To Say that this is creating confusion in the market is an understatement!
7 Jan 2021
No you are not looking at a Wal-Mart add where they roll the pricing back. Actually, you are reading about the CRAZY world of thermal paper. Yesterday, on the heals of making a large price increase announcement, Hansol decided that the increase would not be passed on in the US markets. However, they are experiencing