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6 Feb 2020
Lecta announces a price increase of Thermal papers for new orders, effective January 28, 2020. The increase will be around 8 to 10% in Thermal papers depending on country. The price increase is unavoidable to offset the continuous increase in manufacturing and transport costs. Lecta sales teams are at our customers’ disposal to provide specific information
27 Jan 2020
Dear Valued Appvion Customer,Appvion is announcing a price increase on all direct thermal products sold globally. Effective with shipments on 3/1/2020, the following price increases will be put into effect.Point of Sale (POS) 10%Tag, Label, Entertainment (TLE) 10%Despite continuous improvement initiatives and cost reduction efforts, the costs associated with manufacturing and transporting Appvion Direct Thermal
24 Jan 2020
COLOGNE, Germany, Jan. 21, 2020 (Fastmarkets RISI) – South Korea’s Hansol Paper has announced 8010% price increase for its thermal paper exports, effective for shipments starting February 1. The firm is the thermal paper market leader in South Korea. Hansol attributed the hike to rising pulp and ocean freight costs. The firm said that ongoing
24 Jan 2020
OBERKIRCH, Germany, Jan 23, 2020 (Press Release) – Koehler Paper Group, leading manufacturer of thermal paper, is increasing prices for its thermal paper product range globally up to 10 % for all new orders, effective immediately. This increase is essential in order to offset the significant rise of logistic and raw material costs. Customers will be
1 Mar 2017
When we began manufacturing thermal paper products for distributors over thirty years ago, this was a much different business. Back then, product expertise and personal relationships were at the center of business deals. Now, decisions primarily come down to price. This focus on price at the exclusion of other important factors is understandable. For one,