Domtar is announcing a 12% increase effective March 1, 2021 on Thermal Paper. Price Increase letter is attached.


The attached Letter is from Hansol America, announcing an 8% increase on March 1st for Thermal Paper


RISI Fastmarkets posted that Koehler Paper is to increase paper pricing by 12%, effective immediately. This is on the heals of other increase announcements as well as the announced increase roll backs by other mills. To Say that this is creating confusion in the market is an understatement!


No you are not looking at a Wal-Mart add where they roll the pricing back. Actually, you are reading about the CRAZY world of thermal paper. Yesterday, on the heals of making a large price increase announcement, Hansol decided that the increase would not be passed on in the…


Hansol, a key importer of thermal paper into the US from S. Korea, has announced a 10%-15% increase on thermal paper effective January 1, 2021, according the RISI. Torraspapel (Lecta) announced an increase of 5% effective January 4, 2021. Time will tell if/when other mills follow this announcement. Hansol…


Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia said that low-income parking violators should have to pay less than everyone else. Boston, MA – A Boston city councilor with a history of racking up parking tickets has proposed imposing parking fines based on violators’ incomes. During a weekly meeting at City Hall…


Few thermal paper manufacturers have been in business as long as we have. Those who have know that it takes more than being the lowest cost option to stick around. Though being competitively priced is essential. Still, at the end of the day, experience and product expertise will save…


The parking industry is filled with business opportunities for thermal paper suppliers, including, but not limited to, parking tickets, parking passes, and pay & display permits. Here’s a short video we produced that present the various parking paper product options in an entertaining format. Enjoy! Please contact us for…


One of the claims often made for transitioning from paper to digital applications is that it will help save our forests. A recent study conducted by Two Sides North America, however, has shown this claim to be untrue. Following is a summary of this study. Two Sides North America…


Parking ticket paper is subjected to more stress and harsh conditions than any other type of thermal paper. Not only must it withstand the wrath of an angry ticket recipient, it must hold up under any weather condition as well. Resilience is especially important when it comes to weather….