Big Changes Coming to LTL Freight

On June 9, 2023 we received notice from the Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) that LTL freight classes will be changing, based on Density, not overall weight and product type.

This will take effect on AUGUST 5, 2023.

Traditionally all of our paper has always been classified as Class 55, however, if the freight density does not meet this category requirements, we will have to ship under other, more expensive categories.   This is going to make “estimating” LTL freight very difficult moving forward.  Attached is the documentation of the changes that will affect all of us.

Shipping LTL Catagory Changes

If you enjoy math, here is the actual calculation we must use to figure freight density and product classification:

The formula to determine the density of an item is: LxWxH / 1728 = Cubic Feet (CU FT), Weight (Pounds)/CU FT = Density (#PCF)

  1. Measure the shipment’s dimensions: length, width, height.
  2. Multiply the measurements together (length x width x height).
  3. Divide the result by 1,728 (cubic inches per foot) to find the cubic feet of the shipment.
  4. Divide the weight by the total cubic feet. This result is the freight density, or pounds per cubic foot (#PCF).

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Brandon Kent

Vice President

Telemark Diversified Graphics