When does it Stop is the Million Dollar Question!  No one I have contact with has been 100% happy with the daily increased pricing we have all seen in the past months.  This goes for those of us in the paper industry and those in non-related industries.  One thing…


Effective immediately, Appvion has decided to discontinue the following grades of paper: Two-Sided Alpha 400 2.3 POS Plus 600 2.4 Alpha 820 2.4 Alpha Free 2.1 Reasons include declining demand and issues with sourcing the base papers. For more information, contact Brandon Kent, bkent@telemarkcorp.com


Domtar just announced another paper price increase. Click here to see the Mill Announcement Letter:


The National pictures of our backed-up shipping ports are now affecting the thermal paper markets. As if lead times were not long enough, prepare for more delays. Click here for a Mill notice:


Normally Thermal Paper is Black or White, no pun intended.  However, Covid and the global shutdowns are playing a dangerous game with the thermal markets.  In short, the markets are coming back faster than expected, which is great.  However, the speed of the recovery has placed a huge strain…


RISI Fastmarkets posted that Koehler Paper is to increase paper pricing by 12%, effective immediately. This is on the heals of other increase announcements as well as the announced increase roll backs by other mills. To Say that this is creating confusion in the market is an understatement!


No you are not looking at a Wal-Mart add where they roll the pricing back. Actually, you are reading about the CRAZY world of thermal paper. Yesterday, on the heals of making a large price increase announcement, Hansol decided that the increase would not be passed on in the…


Hansol, a key importer of thermal paper into the US from S. Korea, has announced a 10%-15% increase on thermal paper effective January 1, 2021, according the RISI. Torraspapel (Lecta) announced an increase of 5% effective January 4, 2021. Time will tell if/when other mills follow this announcement. Hansol…


We’ve provided the many benefits and cost advantages of advertising on ATM receipt paper in previous blog articles, some of which include: ATM paper is about as targeted of a media vehicle as you can get, as the customer is already aware of you and receptive to purchasing your products…


Back in 1967 when the ATM was first invented, it was never seen as a replacement for bank branches. Rather, it was just a quicker and easier way to access cash. But now that more banking transactions are occuring  online, there is less of a need for brick-and-mortar branch locations,…