Want to Live in City Where Your Don’t Have to Pay Parking Tickets?

Apparently You Don’t Have to Pay Your Parking Tickets in Cleveland

A third of all parking tickets issued over the last three years by the city of Cleveland remain unpaid, an investigation by News 5 Cleveland has revealed. Since 2000, the city has accumulated $45.6 million worth of uncollected fines.

That means millions of owed dollars that should have gone directly to the city’s general fund (which helps pay for parks, streets and police and fire stations) have yet to be collected.

As the city no longer employs a third-party collection agency, something that many other major cities use, it’s far easier for people who have one or two parking tickets to simply ignore increased fines and not pay.

When a driver has racked up more than three tickets, that’s when the city seems to have some leverage by not allowing a person to renew their vehicle registration with the state until the fine is paid.