UPS Shipping Changes/Fees

I’m willing to bet we have all experienced the plethora of new fees that freight companies are now charging. From “Freight Fuel Surcharges” to “Residential” fees, we can all agree that getting products delivered on-time and un-damaged is becoming a royal pain. Adding to these fees, UPS has updated its system to clone USPS, adding another layer of “changes” that need to be addressed.

In the past, if you shipped a carton of paper under any name, but with an accurate address, it would be delivered without issue. Apparently, the postal police are now cracking down on this practice and returning the freight and charging a return freight fee. In other words, if you ship to a building address, but don’t include the “proper” branch name, the package will be returned to the shipper. A real-life example is one where a carton of ATM paper was shipped to a branch location. For years the branch office name, not the bank name was sufficient. Not anymore.

The second major change we are experiencing is that office suite numbers must be included on all shipments. In the past, if a business was in an office complex, we could ship attention to that business and the product would be delivered. Not anymore! UPS now requires suite numbers on all shipments to avoid the product being “returned to sender” and re-routing fees being charged.

The bottom line: If you are shipping product to a customer or yourself, be certain that the Company Name and Suite numbers appear the shipping documents to avoid delays and additional freight charges.

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