Health Crisis Trend: Will Local Governments Suspend Parking Fees to Help Local Businesses?

How far will cities and counties go to help local businesses struggling from the lack of traffic as a result of the Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Bloomfield, NJ will be suspending parking meter enforcement immediately. This comes after the township announced that it would be suspending alternate side parking rules for the rest of March. “Small businesses are a critical part of our community and with people avoiding going out at this time we believe this will be an incentive for people to stop in to our local businesses,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “This in conjunction with our plan to cease enforcement of alternate side parking rules should make parking in Bloomfield easier for residents and visitors during this tumultuous time. However, two hour neighborhood parking restrictions will remain in place.”

Additionally, in order to better allow our residents access to restaurants, fifteen minute parking signs will be put on meters outside restaurants to encourage customers to do curbside pickup.