Hansol Announces 12% Increase

Hansol announces 12% price increase on thermal paper in USA, Canada effective May 7 as new import duties are imposed

TORONTO, ON, May 7, 2021 (Fastmarkets RISI) – Hansol on May 7 announced a 12% price increase on all their thermal paper products in the USA and Canada, including light and heavy weights, top and non-top coated, effective immediately.

Hansol said the price increase is a result of “the recent preliminary determination of the antidumping duty, unprecedented increases in transportation and raw material costs.”

Thermal paper prices increased in North America by 10% in March, following several specialty paper producers’ announcements earlier in the year, including Koehler of Germany, Hansol of South Korea and Oji Paper of Japan, and US domestic producer Domtar, according to Fastmarkets RISI‘s PPI Pulp & Paper Week price survey.

Industry contacts told Fastmarkets RISI last month that they expected one or more price increases in 2021 due to higher raw material costs, low inventories, and possibly higher import duties.

AD case. US producers Domtar and Appvion last year filed an anti-dumping duty (AD) case against imported thermal paper, including jumbo rolls and certain converted rolls, from Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Spain. On May 6, 2021, preliminary determinations on the trade case were released, imposing the following duties: 2.78% for German exporters; 6.19% for Korean exporters; 35.71% for Japanese exporters; and 41.45% for Spanish Lecta/Torraspapel, as well as 37.07% for all other Spanish exporters.

Domtar and Appvion had called in their initial petition filed in October of 2020 for anti-dumping duties of 38.99% to 56.75% on thermal paper imports from Germany; 104.66-113.91% on Japan imports; 48.42-49.98% on South Korea imports; and 30.76-39.41% on Spain’s imports.

This information was provided by RISI.