Cold weather states know a thing or two about winter. A few inches of snow won’t shut the city down. But, heavy snowfall does bring an unexpected side effect: more parking tickets. Which, in turn, means an increased need for parking ticket paper and other related supplies.

Most municipalities that experience moderate-to-heavy snowfall each winter implement a specific set of winter parking regulations designed to help clear the streets for snow plows and emergency vehicles.

As these regulations tend to be seasonal, the roads are often unmarked, therefore many citizens are unaware of the temporary rules and don’t know where they apply. In addition, many of these regulations can be rather confusing, such as in Grand Rapids, MI, where drivers are required to park on the side of the street that has odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered days, and even-numbered addresses on even-numbered days. This quirky rule has led to over 8,000 parking tickets so far this winter.

And in the town of Royal Oak, police have already issued 2,661 snow-related parking tickets so far this winter, which is up from 1,665 last year, and 967 in 2012.

This is a trend that parking ticket paper distributors should be aware of and account for in their selling strategies. While heavy snow areas are burdensome for drivers, they can represent increased revenue for parking ticket suppliers.

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