Using ATMs for Advertising

Close your eyes and picture a standard ATM. What do you see? Probably a fairly plain kiosk machine with a monochrome exterior and a functional video monitor. What that mental image is missing are many of the branding opportunities that ATMs offer to financial institutions and/or independent operators.

Don’t let all that prime real estate go to waste. Following are a few of the many ways marketers can use ATMs to advertise their products or services:

Body Decals: Acting much like a billboard, the body of an ATM offers plenty of space for branded messaging. Utilizing the exterior of the ATM for advertising allows marketers to reach more than just the people interacting with the machine.

Custom Videos: Marketers can use the video monitors to display ads as a screensaver when the ATM is not in use. They can also deliver brief promotional videos to customers using the ATM. Just be mindful not to disrupt the customer’s transaction, or they may walk away with a negative impression.

Printing on ATM Receipts: The back of the ATM paper receipt can serve as a place to print advertisements. Marketers can deliver branded messaging or print QR codes customers can use at the POS to receive discounts in real time to encourage customer loyalty.

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