Tracking Trends in Thermal Paper

The role of thermal paper is evolving, forcing manufacturers and distributors to get much more strategic about how they market products. While many applications previously dominated by paper are now going digital, there are still plenty of situations where thermal paper is the best solution.

For us, the key is to stay ahead of the innovations occurring, at an increasingly rapid pace, in the industries that we serve: banking, retail, parking, gaming, and medical care. We need to know the shifting needs for different types of thermal paper to ensure that we’re utilizing the proper equipment to deliver the appropriate products.

Staying abreast of evolving thermal paper applications also helps us identify emerging business opportunities, as well as elevate our value proposition among existing customers.

At TDG, we have over 30 years of experience helping distributors market and all sell all types of thermal paper for an optimal return, including ATM Paper, Parking Ticket Paper, Mobile Printing Paper, POS Paper, Event Tickets, and more. And we’re happy to share this experience with our current, or prospective, customers through custom webinars or in-person presentations. It’s all part of our added-value marketing support tailored to each individual customer.

Following is a description of a webinar we offer that helps distributors navigate our evolving marketplace to find new, and better, business opportunities.

Identifying Sales Opportunities in a Changing Marketplace

This 25 Minute presentation discusses the use of emerging technologies in the printing industry. The goal is to come away with a new awareness of technology, creation of new customer contact points, identify selling signals, and secure new business.

  • Examples of how technology has changed the print industry
  • Who the changes effect – Vertical Markets
  • Uncovering new buying contacts
  • Understanding new operational efficiencies
  • Knowing your Competition
  • Quoting and Marketing Support

Please contact us to learn more about our custom webinars and marketing support materials. This is just another example of why you can expect more from TDG. Because you get more.