Tips for Selling ATM Paper

Most ATM paper manufacturers just do that: manufacture paper. Place an order and you receive a standard supply of ATM paper rolls. Whether the paper is ideal for your machine, however, or optimized for a higher return, is not always guaranteed.

Service-oriented ATM paper manufacturers, such as Telemark Diversified Graphics, strive to offer more than competitively priced ATM paper, preferring to operate more like a business partner. These paper suppliers will work to understand your business goals, and target customers, so that they can aid in the sales and marketing of your products.

At TDG, we have over 30 years of experience helping distributors market and sell ATM paper for an optimal return. And we’re happy to share this experience with our current, or prospective, customers through custom webinars or in-person presentations. It’s all part of our added-value marketing support tailored to each individual customer.

Here’s an overview of what our custom webinar for selling ATM paper entails:

ATM Paper Sales and Marketing Support

Learn how to use “Solution Selling,” to overcome objections, increase margins, and gain new customers. This 20 minute presentation takes you through relevant case studies that involved joint calls with distributors. Examples include:

  • Selling to a Credit Union who is currently using Generic ATM Receipt Paper
  • Selling to a Bank who is using Logo’d ATM Receipt Paper

Each Case Study discusses sales goals, how to sell, cost justifications, and summaries. This presentation is designed for those who choose to make selling to banks and credit unions a priority.

Please contact us to learn more about our custom webinars and marketing support materials. With TDG, you can expect more. Because you get more.