Thermal Paper for Mobile Printers

Choosing the right thermal paper for your mobile printer is important as the wrong paper will compromise the performance of certain machines. While it may seem like a simple choice, the wrong one will leave you wasting valuable resources on a product that’s inefficient for your company. For this reason, it’s crucial to find a thermal paper supplier who is knowledgeable on all the options and can help you choose the right paper for your specific needs. The supplier should discuss at least the following three factors with you to determine which product will work best.


Mobile printers often operate in rugged environments, from the extreme heat of August summers to the extreme colds of Chicago winters. Plus, depending on its use, the devices will often get banged around. Not only do certain environments require a durable mobile printer, they require thermal paper that’s also up to the job.

All thermal paper is not created equal, and environmental conditions are sure to bring their differences to light. How and where you’ll use your thermal paper should be the first thing to consider when choosing between different products. Be sure to choose a thermal paper supplier who is familiar with your specific mobile printer, and can recommend the paper that will perform best under the conditions in which it will be used.


Common sense dictates that the thicker a paper, the more durable. While this is indeed the case with thermal paper, it’s not always a good thing. A thicker product means less paper per roll, which results in more reordering and a bigger investment. Weigh the pros and cons carefully when determining the right thickness for your mobile printer paper. Your paper supplier can help you decide on a level of thickness that would serve you well. Maybe a less-thick paper would work just fine – and save you money.


By durability, we mean how long a product will remain legible when stored under the proper conditions. This is certainly something to consider if you purchase paper in bulk, since the majority of it will be in storage for quite some time. The longer it will be stored the more durable it needs to be. Remember, though, that archivability applies only to proper storage conditions. A dark room where relative humidity is between 45 and 65 percent is considered the best possible storage environment for thermal paper.

As you can see, choosing paper for your mobile printer is no simple decision. It requires plenty of thought, as well as the help of professionals. It’s vital to work with a paper supply company who will take your specific needs into consideration to get you the right product.

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