Thermal Paper for Airport Kiosks

The travel industry’s increasing reliance on customer kiosks presents a significant business opportunity for distributors of thermal paper. These kiosks are poised to do far more than merely print boarding passes. With several new product introductions, they will soon allow for passengers to venture through an airport, from check-in to landing, without a single human interaction. Consider the various needs for thermal paper rolls that these interactions represent.

Check-In Kiosks

Most airlines offer kiosks where travelers can check-in to their flight and print boarding passes. Some now require self check-in for economy class, with counter service only available to business and first class travelers, boosting the demand for POS paper rolls.

Baggage Handling Kiosks

As reported by, Austrian Airlines recently introduced a baggage handling kiosk that will allow passengers to print their own bag tags and drop their luggage onto conveyor belts without waiting in long lines.

Security Kiosks

New kiosk technology is allowing for applicants approved by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to participate in its Trusted Traveler Programs. Members can enter the U.S. through kiosks that scan the traveler’s fingertips and passports, and accept customs declarations entered directly into the machine. The kiosks issue a paper receipt, and the traveler is free to proceed to straight to baggage claim.

Insurance Kiosks

Some airports are now installing self-service kiosks that allow travelers with last minute issues or concerns to purchase travel insurance and receive printed insurance documents on the spot.

ATM and Currency Exchange Kiosks

Airports are rife with ATMs, but Finish airport operator Finavia announced the installation of a new self-service currency exchange machine to be introduced next year at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, which could expand ATM paper receipt opportunities.

We can help supply paper for any of the applications outlined above. If you service airport kiosks or POS machines, please contact us to discuss our low cost, premium quality thermal paper rolls. At TDG, you can expect more. Because you get more.