There’s More to Thermal Paper Than Price

Not long ago, the most common method for acquiring thermal paper involved receiving quotes from a handful of suppliers, and hoping that the offers would be low enough to fit within a desired budget. This was a reasonably effective process, as strong B2B relationships were developed. This in turn allowed suppliers to learn more about their customers and provide them with the exact thermal paper custom solutions they needed.

The thermal paper purchase process has changed

In recent years, the way companies acquire thermal paper has changed. It is commonplace for organizations to receive bids through what are known as reverse auctions. In a reverse auction, thermal paper quotes pass directly between a buyer and sellers; the suppliers bid anonymously and the lowest price usually wins the client’s business.

While this thermal paper purchasing style certainly has its benefits (who wouldn’t want to pay the lowest possible price?), it also has drawbacks. This includes the following issues:

  • Quality is not always considered, so lower quality paper is often used by sellers in reverse auctions (low-quality thermal paper causes jams, scuffing, printer damage and paper tears)
  • Less customer service is usually provided by sellers in order to compensate for the low cost
  • Reverse auctions can make managing the logistics of large projects involving thermal paper difficult

We know that you deserve the best quality thermal paper products and services

Our team at TDG firmly believes that companies should never have to face thermal paper-related issues like the ones listed above. In order for your business to prevent these things from happening, you must raise your own expectations and hold your supplier to a higher standard of product quality, customer service, and professional expertise.

That being said, here are the three factors that your company should consider when searching for a high quality thermal paper supplier:

1. The quality of the thermal paper

Quality should always come first when you are shopping around for thermal paper suppliers. If the paper’s quality is not up to par, then it simply will not be able to perform the way that you want it to. Remember that because of the problems it causes, cheap thermal paper will end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

2. The type of thermal paper

Overall paper quality is important, but it is not the only factor that will affect how well your next batch of thermal paper will perform for you. Certain types of paper will work better with your equipment; a supplier with a high level of expertise will be able to quickly identify the type of thermal paper that you need for optimal performance.

If you use a reverse auction-based supplier, you will likely end up with a “one size fits all” thermal paper option that doesn’t work as well.

3. Customization capabilities

A thermal paper supplier with a great deal of professional expertise will also be able to identify when you are better off using a custom paper solution, instead of stock paper.

You can get a great thermal paper solution without overpaying

Just because the ways in which you can acquire thermal paper have changed doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less. A few cents extra can save you thousands of dollars in time, money and headaches. Get the most out of your paper with a better supplier. Contact us to learn more.