The Importance of Thermal Paper Experience

Few thermal paper manufacturers have been in business as long as we have. Those who have know that it takes more than being the lowest cost option to stick around. Though being competitively priced is essential. Still, at the end of the day, experience and product expertise will save a customer more money in the long run than shaving a few pennies off a single order.

Here are some of the ways that our +40 years of experience positively impacts our customer’s business:

  • Superior Paper Sourcing: Our longstanding relationships with paper mills ensure we get top quality paper at the lowest possible price, savings that we can then pass on to you.
  • Proper Paper Matching: Not all printing machines are alike. Different manufacturers have varying product specs. It’s the job of a thermal paper manufacturer to make sure the exact right paper type is being used and manufactured to match these varying specifications. Being just a little bit off could result in the paper jamming, tearing, and/or damaging the machine.
  • Accurate Quoting: Think about how many jobs we have quoted in the +40 years we’ve been in business. Trust us, whatever your project requirements may be, we have seen and serviced them before. So you know that with us you are getting the most accurate quote imaginable, giving you the most bang for your buck.
  • Timely Deliver: We’ve worked diligently to hone our production facility into a finely tuned machine, streamlined to the point where raw materials enter the plant on the eastern side and finished product is shipped out the west end without the slightest glitch. Got a tight turnaround? We can almost certainly meet it.

In addition, TDG employs some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. Our average length of service is 17 years, a testament to our positive culture and the productive relationships we enjoy with our loyal customers. Our superior experience ensures a greater degree of efficiency and fewer mistakes, resulting in lower production costs and prompt delivery.

Let us put our expertise to work for you. Please contact us to receive a free quote on ATM Paper, Parking Ticket Paper, POS Receipt Paper, and more.