Telemark Reduces Zebra Printer Waste by 60%

A National Retailer worked with their existing print supplier and requested pricing for a fan-folded stock for pricing tags.  After an onsite visit, with the dealer, the Telemark sales rep realized that the Zebra Mobile Printers that were being used were much better suited for using rolls than fan-folded paper.

The Telemark rep noticed that using fan-fold paper wasted up to 60% of the paper. The employees at the sporting goods store were printing all the tags from one place in the store and carrying them all over the store to tag items. The Telemark rep suggested printing the pricing tags at the location needing the pricing tag. 

Next, Telemark redesigned the form and provided rolls for field testing.  The Telemark rep was also present for the testing and assisted in working though several software and firmware adjustments to allow the new tags to print flawlessly. 

Pricing is always important, but this Telemark level of service not only secured a large piece of new business but brought efficiencies in both cost and time savings to the retailer.