Our Thermal Paper Knowledge Platform

We may have been in business for over 30 years, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting old or dated. In fact, the opposite is true. Like a fine wine, Telemark is getting better with time.

If you’ve been a customers of ours for long (and we do tend to keep our customers) you may have noticed some changes to our website. Sure, we’ve implemented a new design, but, more importantly, we’ve created a whole new online platform that allows us to stay connected with our customers and share the knowledge and expertise that we’ve acquired from being in business for over 30 years.

We call it our Knowledge Center, and these are the various channels through which we convey all of our valuable information.

Our Blog

It all begins with our blog. That’s where we have all the most in-depth information on thermal paper products.

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We have a company page on Facebook where we share news and information on an ongoing basis. This is a great place to ask us questions or engage with a community of people who have similar thermal paper needs.

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How do we distribute news about thermal paper in 140 characters or less? Easily, we use Twitter like a news feed with article headlines and links to where you can find the full information. This is a great place to get the latest news from us to share with the people in your network.

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Let’s partner up. LinkedIn is the go-to place for establishing and maintaining business connections.

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At Telemark Diversified Graphics, we have a saying: Expect More. Get More. This refers to more than just low cost, high quality thermal paper. It also means better service, stronger performance, and superior expertise that we’re happy to share with you. Please contact us to discuss any of our thermal paper products, or to receive a free quote.