New Thermal Paper Roll Application

The editors at just shared an article that presents a new business opportunity for thermal paper roll manufacturers: The Bill Paying Kiosk.

Soon retailers will be offering kiosks that allow customers to pay their bills without waiting in long lines at the office of the service provider. While security will be paramount given the sensitive, personal information associated with service bills, experts say that receipt paper will be essential as well.

Giving the customer a receipt is not optional, since most customers want the receipt for proof that they paid their bill. If your kiosk is outside, you will need a printer that can operate in extreme temperatures. You should also consider if your kiosk can accommodate large thermal paper rolls and high printing speeds. You can also have an option that the user can select to receive a copy of their receipt sent to their email address.

At TDG, we are always on the lookout for new business opportunities to bring to our distributors. That’s why our customers can Expect More. Because they Get More. Feel free to contact us to discuss your thermal paper needs or to receive a free quote on bulk or custom orders.