Marketing Support for Thermal Paper

Our job at Telemark is to help distributors services their customers the best they can. One of the ways we do this is by offering marketing support and product insights. We supply a range of product pamphlets containing key selling information. We also offer marketing webinars that present innovative ways to market our thermal paper products.

Some of our webinar topics include:

Selling Solutions

This is an in-depth look at using Solution Selling, to overcome objections, increase margins, and gain new customers. This 20 minute presentation takes you through 4 case studies. Each involved joint calls with Distributors.

  • Selling to a Credit Union who is currently using Generic ATM Paper
  • Selling to a Bank who is using Logo’d ATM Paper
  • Selling Parking Citations to a Municipalities
  • Selling Mobile Printer Rolls for a New Technology

Each Case Study discusses Sales Goals, How To Sell, Cost Justifications, and Summaries


Selling ATM Paper

Selling ATM Paper is an in-depth look at the selling process, contact types, selling ideas, and cost justifications. This is designed for those who choose to make selling to Banks and Credit Unions a priority.


Identifying Sales Opportunities in a Changing Marketplace

This 25 minute presentation discusses the use of Mobile Technology, to streamline and replace common invoicing systems. The goal is to come away with a new awareness of technology, creation of new customer contact points, identify selling signals, and secure new business.

  • Examples of how technology has changed the print industry
  • Who the changes effect – Vertical Markets
  • Uncovering new buying contacts
  • Understanding new operational efficiencies
  • Knowing your Competition
  • Quoting and Marketing Support


Direct Thermal and Mobile Technology

An in depth look at how direct thermal papers/printers have changed the daily operations of many businesses. The goal is to provide a basic understanding of Direct Thermal paper and the technology that utilizes it.


At Telemark Diversified Graphics, we can help you get the most out of your thermal paper systems. With us, you can Expect More. Because you Get More. Please contact us to discuss your thermal paper needs, or to receive a free quote.