The Decline of Branches Gives Rise to ATMs

Back in 1967 when the ATM was first invented, it was never seen as a replacement for bank branches. Rather, it was just a quicker and easier way to access cash. But now that more banking transactions are occuring  online, there is less of a need for brick-and-mortar branch locations, elevating the importance of ATMs as the sole means for customers to access cash.

The retail banking landscape is rapidly changing. Here is what it means for ATM manufacturers and suppliers of ATM receipt paper.

Physical branches will still exist, though mostly for the benefit of high net worth individuals or important business clients. For all other needs, ATMs will be bundled together in community financial services hubs.

These hubs will not be in expensive-to-operate bank branches. Instead, they will be found in supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores, leisure centers, cinemas, bars, local government buildings. Basically anywhere several ATMs can be conveniently bundled together.

Cash services will feature prominently, with these ATMs allowing individuals and businesses to deposit and withdraw both notes and coins. However, dispensing cash will not be the be the only function of these community financial services hubs. In addition, these hubs will offer public access to a far wider range of products than ever on offer at the average bank branch.

The consolidation of physical branch locations is certain to translate into more ATMs, creating more demand for affordable ATM paper. At Telemark Diversified Graphics, we are able to accommodate orders of any size and provide storage for surplus inventory as needs increase. Please contact us to discuss your ATM paper needs, or to receive a free quote.