Industry Trends that Impact ATM Paper

As reported by ATM, the Financial Services Policy Committee of the Federal Reserve recently released its “2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study Detailed Report,” which provides insights into the current use of ATMs by bank patrons.

Many of these insights have implications for purveyors of ATM Paper. Here are some of the highlights:

Cash withdrawals

  • In 2012, consumers made 5.8 billion ATM withdrawals totaling $687 billion in value.
  • The number of ATM withdrawals decreased 0.9 percent per year from 2009 to 2012.
  • However, during the same period, the total dollar value of ATM withdrawals increased 2.0 percent, and the average withdrawal value increased from $108 to $118.
  • The number of ATM withdrawals (5.8 billion) far exceeded the number of over-the-counter withdrawals (2.1 billion).

Cash deposit by the numbers

  • The Fed study found that in 2012, Americans made more cash deposits at ATMs than at labor-intensive channels such as branches and cash vaults.
  • However deposit values at ATMs were lower, with ATMs receiving 41 percent of all cash deposited, with an average value of $374, compared with 59 percent of over-the-counter cash deposits, with an average value of $1,000.

The study is the fifth in a series of triennial surveys, and was based on data for 2012. Data collected is combined with estimates from previous studies and then analyzed and adjusted for seasonality to produce comprehensive information about payments trends.

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