How POS Paper Fits Into the Future

According to a new article up on, some retailers are rethinking the design of their brick-and-mortar stores in order to bring them into the digital age. One component that is noticeably missing is the traditional cash register as some retailers are attempting to mimic the online experience, which doesn’t require customers to wait in line to check out.

The potential absence of cash registers may seem like disconcerting news to POS paper suppliers, but it actually may boost sales, at least in the interim, as retailers experiment during their transition, ultimately supplying more possible points of transaction. Here’s what a modern retailer may look like, with the various placement opportunities for POS paper.

Imagine a clothing store like J. Crew. You still have the traditional check out counter with a POS system, but it’s not the only way to complete a transaction. There is a kiosk as well where customers can check themselves out, taking a paper receipt if they desire one. And thirdly, there are customer service representatives patrolling the store with mobile check out devices, ready to complete a transaction on the go, and offer a paper receipt as proof of sale. So, in this plausible scenario, that would add two additional points of transaction, requiring three different types of thermal paper rolls: POS paper, Kiosk paper, and mobile printer paper. Not such a bad thing after all.

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