Get More From Your ATM Paper Receipts

Many financial institutions are considering digital alternatives to ATM paper receipts. There are still many advantages to offering people the option to receive a traditional paper receipt, however.

For one, we are creatures of habit, and ATM paper receipts are familiar. They are real. They are tangible. People can hold onto them and file them away for future reference, if needed. Old habits die hard.

Secondly, ATM paper receipts are more reliable and trustworthy than their digital counterparts. Digital systems can be hacked. Texts and emails can be deleted. It’s far more difficult to corrupt a printing system, and tamper with a physical receipt.

Let’s consider the worst case scenario and all digital recordings of bank statements were wiped out, a paper record of your balance would be the best way to validate your existing balance. People who rely solely on online banking and digital records would have a far more difficult time proving how much money they had in their accounts.

So, ATM paper, and other physical financial forms, isn’t going anywhere. Not for a while, anyway.

The focus, therefore, should be on how to optimize the ATM receipt paper that you do use. Here are a few tips.

  1. Purchase Thermal Paper: When it comes to ATM receipt paper, you’ll want to make sure that you’re sourcing quality thermal paper. Thermal paper is superior to regular bond paper in that it produces a higher quality product, is faster, more precise, and will save you from having to use, and maintain, ink cartridges and real ribbons, which will become more costly over time.
  2. Quality Counts: Nothing will hurt your bottom line like down time and costly repairs. Inferior thermal paper, or thermal paper that isn’t ideal for the specifics of your machine, will jam, tear, and clog your ATM at an infuriating rate. By all means, get the best rate you can find. But remember, you get what you pay for. Opt for quality.
  3. Lower Your Costs: In many ways paper is a commodity, so the final decision when choosing a thermal paper supplier often falls to cost. Know that the more established suppliers are often able to negotiate better prices for their ATM paper. In addition, suppliers with a long track record in the industry are better able to anticipate price changes and help customers prepare ahead of time. So, pay close attention to the experience of a thermal paper supplier when considering proposals.

While the printing business is changing at a radical pace, some things, like ATM paper receipts will be here for years to come. We hope this helps you make the most of yours. Please contact us to learn how we can help make your thermal paper, and ATM paper rolls, as profitable as possible.