Emerging Thermal Markets

In today’s world of ever changing technologies, only one thing in certain; If it hasn’t changed, it soon will! In some cases, older tech becomes the new solutions. Law Enforcement is one such case. Around the US, many Law Enforcement Departments are adding technology to the patrol cars. The example I have been referring to is the Thermal Ticket Printers. This is a direct thermal printer that is connected to the Tablet or Laptop in the vehicle and allows for printed communications, such as a Speeding Ticket.

At first glace, many of the Law Enforcement vehicles appear to be using “FAX PAPER ROLLS” for the paper media. In reality, the rolls are similar in size and shape to the old fax printer rolls, but the paper technology is much better in many ways. First, the paper has a very good image life, ranging from 10-20 years. Second, the paper is much smoother and dust free. Most of this type of paper is used in a Brother PocketJet Printer. So much for the old paper ticket books…..

How large is this market? Actual numbers are hard to come by, but we estimate the paper ticket consumption over the next 5 years to be in excess of $40 Million Dollars. Not bad for a niche Emerging Market!

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