Demand for Parking Ticket Paper Spikes in Winter

Bulk up on Thermal Paper in Time for Winter

Winter weather conditions can pose many problems for drivers. Traffic often moves slower and accidents are more likely to happen. A person’s mood can be less than what makes them sparkling most of the time. One of the problems that most people don’t consider is an increase in parking tickets. As a result, there is an increase in the demand for parking ticket paper, a plus for thermal paper suppliers.

To help keep everyone safe, there are certain regulations in place for most municipal locations that deal with winter weather. For example, there may be specific regulations in place regarding winter parking. They are in place to help ensure the streets can be kept clean. They also allow for equipment such as snow plows and emergency vehicles to get through those areas easier.

Such regulations are put in place seasonally, which makes it harder for citizens to remember them. Plus the roads don’t have to be marked. Even in areas where the parking laws are posted, they can be quite confusing to understand.

For example, in Grand Rapids Michigan, it is required that on odd numbered days of the month, drivers can part on the side of the streets with odd numbers. The next day, it would change to even numbers. In a single winter season, there can be over 8,000 parking tickets issued due to violations of this one law.

The demand for parking ticket paper is on the rise in Royal Oak as well. The police there continue to increase the number of winter weather related tickets that they issue each year. In 2012 the number of tickets was 967. That number was 1,665 in 2013. So far in 2014 more than 2,600 such tickets have been issued.

Distributors of parking ticket paper should be aware of this increased demand and adjust their selling strategies accordingly. Also, consider bulking up on thermal paper rolls and storing them with your supplier. That’s what we do for our customers at Telemark Diversified Graphics.

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