5 Ways To Save Money on ATM Paper

We’ve been a premier supplier of ATM paper for over 30 years. That’s long enough to know that what customers care about most is cost. And, while we would never encourage a customer to skimp on quality, we don’t believe that anyone should pay a penny more than necessary for stock or custom ATM paper.

So, here are five simple tips to help you procure quality ATM paper for the lowest possible cost:

1) Select an Experienced Supplier: The more experienced suppliers have established strong relationships with paper mills and are often able to negotiate lower prices for thermal paper. In addition, suppliers with a long track record in the industry are better able to anticipate price changes and help customers prepare ahead of time.

2) Buy In Bulk: Larger orders cost less for each roll. So, work to forecast your ATM paper needs as far in advance as possible and buy a bulk supply up front. You may even want to consolidate regional or national orders with a single supplier to increase your order size. Suppliers are often willing to offer free, or discounted, storage for customers who place large orders.

3) Pick The Right Paper: Not all thermal paper performs the same. And some types of paper work better with certain machines. The more experienced suppliers can determine the most cost effective paper for your particular needs, while helping to avoid extraneous expenses from paper that doesn’t work properly.

4) Clean Your Machine: Over time, dust and other contaminants will collect on the ATM card readers and printing devices. If neglected, dirty machines will stop functioning properly, or can even break down, costing time and money for repairs.

Many ATM paper suppliers offer cleaning cards to help keep your machine functional. Use them for preventative maintenance, or to correct device errors, and save yourself from avoidable expenses further down the line.

5) Reduce Fixed Paper Costs:

We encourage distributors to talk to their customers about the benefits of advertising on their ATM receipts. For a nominal custom printing cost, financial institutions can use ATM receipts to promote products in order to bring in additional revenue, which helps offset paper costs. We offer marketing support to help distributors learn the key selling points for custom printing.

At TDG, our motto is Expect More, Get More. But, our strict business practices ensure that you will always Pay Less for your ATM paper. Please contact us for more tips on how to reduce your ATM paper costs, or to receive a free quote.